Pat Butler

Jack Nessen, ” Vulnerable”


Incoming Tide

scribbles a scalloped line on the shore
with the blue-black ink of the baby mussel shells,
their bivalved lives cut short
in the sacrifice of art
the tide will soon erase.


N. Henry, “Blue Moon, Patton Estate 5 a.m.”


One holy moon rises on the dining room
where Ramero eats his first meal in two days,
having been found in the woods sleeping by Gordon,
who brings him home. Unflappable Tricia feeds them.

Stories over bread and butter-free butter,
salad with watermelon-lime-mint dressing,
stew and soy ice cream, the forgotten plantains…
discovering this diet helps Gordon fight cancer.

Discovering Ramero, discovering the risk
love takes to take the stranger in, pull a dollar
from the heart and purse—not much
but all there is. And down the driveway,

a skunk leaves, under one holy moon.


N. Henry, “Supermoon”


Pat Butler grew up on Long Island, NY, where life revolved around salt marsh, beach, and boats.  Her publishing credits include two chapbooks, Poems from the Boatyard and The Boatmans Daughter, as well as a number of literary journals.  Pat enjoys any activity in, near, or on the ocean.  She contributed several photos to this issue.


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