Nikki Carr


Backyard Quarterback

She heard noise
ringing from
shutters pushed
open and shut by
winds driven
from wayward
skies. Peering out from
her single glass pane window
unable to see into
the twilight hour
movements in her yard.
Until she noticed
his face from the dark shadows
as he stood,
a nocturnal leader with
sensory vision,
a bushy ringed tail,
wearing a black mask,
standing tall,
like a quarterback
poised and guiding
eleven members
onto the next play
to ravage
homes housing
unsuspecting piles
of fiber and carrion
in 50 gallon
cans in our backyards.

Praveen Raj, "A bountiful and joyful harvest"
Praveen Raj, “A bountiful and joyful harvest”

Life in the Meadow

The kestrel
adapted for
life in a meadow
once found completely underwater
now filled with flora, fauna
and grass
searching for water,
and as the meadow
dries, she remains
still in the olive
stalks of ruby blossoms
among hatching chicks,
insects in high grass
soon to be hammered
by the wind
while dandelions
fly free and
clouds of white flies dance
to a silent sonata.


NIKKI CARR is a poet whose work has appeared in Dual Coast Magazine, Jitter Press, 50 Word Stories, and Emerge Literary Journal. Her upcoming chapbook, Paige Inside Out, will be forthcoming in the Fall of 2015.  She is the recipient of a poetry award from the Lilian Osborn Memorial Foundation.

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