Joan Sidney

N. Henry, Cottage
N. Henry, Cottage


sits and ticks every minute

away as quickly as the big brown

fox jumps over the lazy dog.

To make time stop or at

least slow down on a whim

last night I stuck it out of sight.

But, cuckoo-cuckoo-cuckoo

snuck through the pine-

paneled door and up the

chestnut floor to heave

me out of bed.  I left the night-

lit room, my creepy shadow

sleeping spouse, slipped

down the spiral stairs

and headed straight to that

kitchen closet shelf

upon which set a Swiss

chalet complete with picket

fence, a grassy space and

two goats hitting horns

in tempo to that conscientious bird.  


Joan Seliger Sidney’s “Bereft and Blessed: Poems” was recently published by Antrim House;  “Body of Diminishing Motion: Poems and a Memoir”, an Eric Hoffer 2015 Finalist, by CavanKerry Press. She’s writer-in-residence at the University of Connecticut’s Center for Judaic Studies and Contemporary Jewish Life.  In addition, she facilitates “Writing for Your Life,” an adult workshop.

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